Using Technology in Class

These days only the teachers that are labeled as dinosaurs don’t use technology in class. If you’re just graduation with your Education degree, you probably already know lots of ways to make your classes state of the art. Here is an overview of some things you can do to make your lessons cutting edge:
Learn Basic Web Design – Each of your classes should have their own web page so that you can keep things organized and provide information for all the students in one, paperless location. If you don’t know anything about designing a website, that’s OK. There are tons of sites online that will help you with that part. But you shouldn’t be afraid to put your own creative style into your pages. That way they will stand apart from the other teachers and will show students you know your stuff.

Post Info for Students and Parents – Putting info online is a great way for students and parents to stay on top of daily happenings, important tests and quizzes, and other classroom announcements. If you put forms online make sure you convert them to PDF first, so that when the students print them out they look exactly the way you intended. Just search for ‘pdf converter” if you don’t know how to or you can just use Google Docs.

Show Pics of Class Events – You’ll be doing all sorts of fun stuff in your classroom and you’ll want to keep a digital point and shoot handy to capture the moments. Starting a Facebook group for your class is probably the hippest way at the moment to share the photos. Students can tag themselves and their friends.

Give Online Assignments – Nothing says you know your stuff more than issuing an online assignment. Make the students go online to find out what the assignment is, and make them submit it online as well. You may like how smoothly it goes so much that this becomes the normal way you give all your assignments.

Provide Lesson-Related Links – During your lesson planning phase you’ll be doing a good amount of research to get a grasp on the information you will present. Keep a list of links that expand on what was taught and present these to your class as a way to learn more if they are interested. The good students will take advantage of it and the mediocre students might actually learn an extra thing or two.

Use PowerPoint – If you want to look like a college-level professor or a speaker at a seminar you can hook your PC to a projector and give a PowerPoint presentation to your class. You can use Google Docs now to make a presentation, in case you don’t have PowerPoint and don’t want to buy it.